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Empowering Your Business Decisions

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MR Valuation Consulting built its notable reputation in the world of business valuations by providing our dedicated expertise, comprehensive experience, and knowledge to empower your business decisions.


Our team of accredited appraisers, business valuation analysts, designated  consultants, cost segregation engineers, and state-certified general real estate appraisers is at your disposal.


Designations and memberships:

  • American Society of Appraisers,

  • Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors,

  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers,

  • Financial Consulting Group,

  • Appraisal Institute,

  • among other prestigious organizations.

American Society of Appraisers
American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
Appraisal Institute
Financial Consulting Group
Certified Marshall & Swift Valuation Service - MR Valuation Consulting team
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