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The foundation of our success is the vital dedication of our team of professionals, whose commitment is to consistently provide personalized services to empower your business to effectively manage your commercial and investment portfolios, resolve challenges and disputes, reduce certain costs and improve profitability, know the value of your business portfolio, properties, and assets, improve your decision making, and optimize ROI.

Leadership Team

MR Valuation Consulting - Mark Rodriguez, ASA, MRICS

Mark Rodriguez, ASA MRICS

Founder & Managing Partner

MR Valuation Consulting - Peter Hoffman

Peter A. Hoffman

Senior Director

MR Valuation Consulting - Scott McMahon, ASA, MRICS
MR Valuation Consulting - Dan Hoerig

Dan Hoerig

Senior Director

MR Valuation Consulting - Joanne-Rustad

Joanne Rustad

Partner, Controller

MR Valuation Consulting - Paul Marquez, JD, CPA/ABV/CFF, ASA, CBA



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