Purchase Price Allocation


Purchase Price Allocations

A purchase price allocation is a method of allocating a purchase price over the acquired assets and liabilities.  The difference between the value of the assets and liabilities and the total purchase price is designated as goodwill.  

MRV Consulting possesses decades of experience assisting companies with their due diligence (pre-acquisition) and announced (post-acquisition) processes.


We can provide you with a purchase price allocation in accordance with Accounting Standards Codification (ASC) including ASC 805 and ASC 820, Business Combinations, and International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS).  Our valuation team has over 90+ years of experience and extensive know-how to value all tangible equipment, fixed assets, real estate, financial instruments, intangible assets, and contingent considerations.  

Our analyses help companies and investors understand what ongoing earnings per share will look like (dilutive or accretive) in the future as a result of the acquisition. Further, our analyses assist management to better understand each asset of the target business.                                                      



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