Litigation Support


Litigation Support 

Whether you have a property tax, estate, or gift tax matter, eminent domain, business or shareholder dispute, partnership dissolution, or bankruptcy proceeding, our litigation support team will assist you in accomplishing the best possible result. 


Our independent and unbiased status gives us the capability to successfully service both taxpayers and municipalities. As so, MRV Consulting's team provides assistance to attorneys representing businesses, corporations, and governmental agencies in properly quantifying and articulating value for dispute resolutions.  


We work with legal teams whose clients own industrial, commercial, residential rental, and special purpose properties including:


  • manufacturing and distribution facilities

  • electric generation and transmission assets

  • water and wastewater facilities

  • pulp mills

  • office buildings

  • shopping centers and retail properties

  • hotels and casinos

  • hospitals and nursing homes


Our team has the knowledge, experience, advanced analytical, and engineering skillsets to provide reliable and well-supported services.  Moreover, our professionals understand the interplay between the values of tangible and intangible assets, business operations, the marketplace, and transactional economics. 


MR Valuation Consulting is recognized by law firms as is one of the leading firms in the field and has earned a marketplace reputation for providing responsive and tailored services.  Our senior management has testified and provided numerous litigation and negotiation support services regarding valuation and appraisals in arbitration hearings and court cases.




  • Mediation and settlement negotiations

  • Deposition testimony

  • Expert witness testimony at trials and hearings

  • Appraisal review

  • Rebuttal witness