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Online Education Providers
Child Care Centers & Day Care Centers

Services Include:
  • Valuations per OMB Circular A-21 of laboratory and research buildings for allocation of direct and indirect utility costs
  • Market based annual rent analysis of hot and chilled water for University's central geothermal energy facility
  • Purchase Price Allocations for management and tax reporting per FASB ASC, IFRS 3, and US Tax 
  • Fair Value of tangible and intangible assets for acquisitions, mergers, and joint ventures
  • Business Valuations to assist in consolidation and restructuring
  • Valuation of percent interests 
  • Cost segregation of new educational building constructions and renovations of existing buildings 
  • Insurable Value

  • Fair market value of 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit to assist with conversion into a for-profit corporation

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