Personalized services focused on quality, reliability, and experience

Our services provide the support you need to achieve your unique objectives 

  • mergers, acquisitions, dispositions, 

  • financial reporting, management planning,

  • tax planning and compliance, property tax, 

  • financing and refinancing, insurance,

  • bankruptcy and restructuring,

  • condemnation and eminent domain takings,

  • litigation and dispute resolutions


Our analyses, opinions, and conclusions are developed in an objective and compliant manner focusing on the appropriate standard of value, methodologies, approaches to value, and reporting requirements to provide a credible opinion of value that you can rely on. Our accredited professionals hold no interest in the asset, property, or business valued, nor hold any personal interest with respect to the parties involved, thus eliminating conflicts of interest.  


MRV Consulting's full independence and authority gives us the capability to serve a diverse clientele across a broad spectrum of industries and market sectors; from small- and medium-sized closely-held businesses to large public multinational corporations, state and local governmental agencies, financial institutions, electric generation producers, developers, property owners, commercial tenants, business brokers, as well as law firms, accounting firms, and private equity groups on behalf of their clients.