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MRV Consulting Opens International Office in Canada

MRV Consulting Opens International Office in Canada
MRV Consulting Opens International Office in Canada

MR Valuation Consulting, LLC is continuing its growth and global presence in the valuation and appraisal industry servicing various industries sectors including the energy and utility by expanding its international footprint to Canada, with a new office in Ottawa.

Canada now enters as a major location for MRV Consulting, whose professional team is strategically located across the United States, Chile, Panama, Hong Kong, China, and the Balkan Peninsula.

“We are always searching for new areas, ideas, industries, and locations for growth to support our domestic and international clients. This new Ottawa location will provide more flexibility and help improve the effectiveness of our professional teams to support the rapidly-evolving global market landscape” - Mark Rodriguez, ASA MRICS, Managing Partner

MRV Consulting started from a basement office in New Jersey in 1999 with nothing more than an entrepreneurial dream and a lot of hustle. Mark Rodriguez, a first-generation American, decided to combine his passion for energy assets with his engineering and valuation knowledge and expertise to create an unbiased and independent valuation advisory and consulting firm that would be able to provide reliable valuation services for privately- and publicly-held businesses, as well as government agencies. Today, MRV Consulting has grown from its humble beginnings to an international consultancy firm working across multi-disciplines and geographic regions, bringing the global expertise and experience to an international client base.


Jemima Gomes

Manager - MRV Consulting Canada

Phone: +1 613-706-1096


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