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MRV Consulting Establishes Hong Kong Presence

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

MR Valuation Consulting, LLC and BMI Appraisals Limited have established a strategic alliance to better serve clients throughout the globe with cross-border valuation services.

BMI Appraisals Limited is an international appraisal firm established in Hong Kong, China providing a wide spectrum of professional valuation and consultancy services to clients worldwide in connection with Initial Public Offerings (IPO), public documentation, mergers & acquisitions, financing, taxation, liquidation, financial reporting, migration and litigation uses.

BMI Appraisals is well recognized by the Stock Exchange and the Securities & Future Commission in Hong Kong, China Securities and Regulatory Commission, Deutsche Borse, NASDAQ, OTCBB and Stock Exchanges in Singapore, Taiwan, Australia and London, as well as various audit firms and international financial institutions.

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